Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Do you have a plan for this healthy day?  You've heard the old saying, "Fail to plan, plan to fail".  Without a plan days, then years go by without much progress toward your dreams.  It takes a minute to think it through but that minute can make a world of difference.  The problem with a plan is that often we fall short, which can lead to frustration and giving up.  Think about it though, if you carry out even a small portion of your plan you'll see progress.  Much more progress than if you had no plan at all.

Start today with a new habit of planning.  Choose a time that will work consistently.  Is it early morning just as the day begins or before you go to bed?  Plan aggresively - reach beyond your grasp and then get excited about any movement in that direction.  Keep perfectionism out of the process.  Sit down and chart your course and then move confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Today is the best time to start!

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  1. I planned today after leaving my ww meeting.. I wanted asian butter lettuce wraps.. I researched what i needed for my sauces, I wanted 3 different ones.. after i set my plate up with my little bowls of sauces,,my chicken and my carrot/slaw for bulk, I was quit pleased with myself.. I was so excited that it seemed my eyes were bigger then my belly.. I planned for 4 wraps and I could barely get down 3. Points were recorded and I am one happy weight watcher tonight !