Sunday, December 4, 2011


December is a time when many people postpone their efforts to eat healthy and exercise.  No doubt it is a busy time and there are special foods around every corner.  This can make it challenging to lose weight but it also offers the perfect opportunity to learn, change and yes, even lose weight!

If you're willing to focus, just a little, you can gain insights that aren't so clear at other times of the year.  For example, I went to a lovely dinner party last night.  I had a plan for the meal and thankfully the portions were reasonable and the food was delicious and healthy.  Even the dessert was light.  What I hadn't anticipated was the bowls that came out as we were sitting around the table relaxing after the meal.  I won't trigger you with the specifics, but the nuts and candies flowed freely.

My plan going forward is to abstain from after dinner treats.  I certainly wasn't hungry and the Points of those treats could easily have equaled the meal - not worth it.

Let's focus my friends.  Learn as you go and you'll have great tools to use in January when weight loss gets a lot easier.  What have you learned from December thus far?

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