Sunday, November 27, 2011


I had one of those moments this morning.  I stepped on the scale to check the Thanksgiving damage...  Immediately I began the negative - geesh Lanette!  Here we go again - why can't you control yourself!  As I moved closer to that ledge of self-deprecation a new thought came to mind.  Instead of being annoyed that I had yet another "slap in the face moment", I can be thrilled that I've got another chance to get back on track.  I can Refresh!! 

I found this ancient Chinese proverb yesterday:  "If you continue your current direction, you'll get where you're going."  Don't you love how life lines up to teach us lessons?  If you don't like your current direction, you can change it - refresh - back to the course that brings health, happiness and contentment.

Don't beat yourself up because you have to lose those same pounds again.  Be overjoyed that you have the power to change direction and that you're ready to do it.  The sooner you refresh, the better.  When you find that your direction is taking you where you don't want to go - refresh - back to the healthy lifestyle you love.  Do it again and again, you can't possibly refresh too much.  Every day - every hour - every minute provides a new chance to change the course of your life.  Won't you join me?  Refresh!!


  1. Lanette! I love your blog. This is the first time I have seen your before picture. What amazing success you have had. I agree, get on the scale and Refresh and restart. It puts a lid on whatever the behaviors were the week before and gives you a new opportunity to succeed. - Sherie

  2. Oh Lanette, I love it! For me, the "refresh" button is to go for a brisk hour long hike. There's something about being out in God's creation that makes me settle down and get my priorities straight from the inside out! Here's to a wonderful holiday season. Keep bloggin and getting us thinking! - Terri B