Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Join the PTA

I started a new club.  You know I love a group of people working together on a goal.  The goal of the PTA is weight loss and nutrition by making every bite count.

The P stands for Power Foods.  These are the healthy nutritious foods - the ones our bodies need.  They include fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and non-fat dairy products.  You'll find greater satisfaction when you eat power foods, not to mention good health from the vitamins and minerals they contain.  Focus on power foods and you'll be more satisfied with fewer calories.

The T is for time.  We are in such a rush that eating is often wedged in and around other activities.  As a club member you will slow down.  Sit at a table with your food on a plate.  Eat one bite at a time, releasing the fork while chewing.  This is probably a new habit for most of you.  Give it a try and see how you feel.

A is for attention.  Are you distracted while you eat?  Do you watch TV, read, drive etc. while gobbling something you quickly threw together so you can get on to the next thing?  In the PTA we give attention to food.  Visual satisfaction is key to physical satisfaction.  The more senses we give to an activity, the more satisfying it is.  This will be hard because you may have linked activities with eating for so long that it's a habit that triggers you to eat.  Breaking the connection will free you from mindless eating.  Look at your food, smell it and really taste all the lovely flavors.

Do you want to join the PTA?

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